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Order a mask

Material Unit price
 Kevlar 600 $
 Kevlar + Fiberglass450$ 
 Fibreglass300 $

There are four models.
  • Roy
  • Brodeur
  • Belfour (triangular vent holes.)
  • Théodore (Identical to Lalime, Jiggy, Denis, Thibault, Garon, Luongo, Fichaud, Aebischer and Brochu).
Interior Finish
as smooth as the exterior : + 250$ charge.

Cage Types:
  • Standard
  • Cat Eye (Non Certified)
  • Cat eye (Certified)
Cages finishes:
  • Chromed + 50 $
  • Gold + 80 $
  • Polished (no charge)
Options at NO EXTRA COST!
  • Mask color options: Solid colors (Black, white, red, etc…)
  • Chin Options: Cup or chin sling
  • Straps: Black or White.
  • Interior foam is black.
  • Vent Holes: Triangular or round
  • You can also choose the length of the chin!
No matter what you choose, they all offer the same great protection; the only real difference is weight.
A full Kevlar mask is 2.2 Lbs whereas
a full Fiberglass weighs 3 Lbs.
Protechsport does not use carbon fibre as it does not adapt well to impacts.

All masks are guaranteed for life, but any damage from normal use is not covered, such as cracks from shots to the mask, if anything, it means that the mask did its job to protect the consumer from severe head trauma. The guarantee does not cover any cage damages, unless it is caused by a bad weld.

Protechsport has an official painter that can offer a paint job starting at 300 $.

If you would like a full custom mask, made especially to your specifications and mask, Protechsport does offer this service and prices for a full Kevlar custom mask runs at about 1 600 $.

To find out how you can make a head mold, please see our “tips” section where there is a step by step tutorial.

Shipping Information and costs:
Box Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm x 26cm (approximately 13x13x10 inches)
Approximate weight: 2.2 Kilos (approximately 5lbs)
Origin Postal Code: H7P 5W3

Total Price calculated: Mask + shipping + applicable taxes.
(Canadian residents please add 5%, Quebec residents please add the TVQ and GST).

Waiting time varies depending on the time of year. Please refer to the waiting time calendar on the home page. The waiting time is valid as soon as payment is received.

Please note that NHL orders supersede regular orders, but you will be advised well in advance if this happens.

You may cancel an order up to four weeks before the production time.